Why I am against the Modern Feminism

I am well aware that I am going to face a lot of flak, rage, disagreement & loathe for this piece of article. But I want to say this out loud as everyone is entitled to have their own opinion, so am I. I am not a feminist!

What is feminism? It is the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. Gradually the meaning of feminism has been completely altered. It’s now more about demonizing, overpowering & showing superiority over men, blaming them for anything & everything. Sorry! this gibberish is not feminism. It’s not inclusive (of men) & something that doesn’t includes everything can’t be equated fairly. And so, I don’t stand for it.

Feminism has been the hottest topic of sociocultural conversations for some time now. People just want to be a part of this growing fad to show how intellectual and in vogue they are. Whereas majority of them don’t even know the basis of feminism, what rights are they fighting for? The word is being used so recklessly & habitually that it has lost its real essence in today’s world. I would be wrong if I deny the fact that we as a society do need an upliftment & empowerment for women. But please not with this muck. The rants on social media against men are endless with perfectly curated hashtags like sexist, male chauvinist pig, bigotry, patriarchal for saying even simple things like “Oh! you know how to drive!’’ This is not what Feminism advocates; it talks about equality. How can you achieve equality when all you are trying to do is prove that your gender is better? Why has feminism reduced to seeking and screaming for validation for everything a woman does.

I have always associated women as softer, more gentle, delicate section of society. It’s feminine, it’s natural, it’s god made. And by no means it should be perceived as humiliating or demeaning. Men & women are different. Why did we make a war of this?

There has never been a better time than now to stand up & preach about equality & humanism. Let’s devote our energy, thoughts & actions to these noble virtues which are worth fighting for.

P.s: I don’t hate women, but neither do I hate men.



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